From $70 per Person. Video Package Option Starts at $50.

You bring your own group to book any Private group surfing lesson. We do only Private one-on-one and Private Group Surfing Lessons . We don't mix students up.

Private group surfing lesson is designed for 12 y.o. and older, up to 4 students for one surf instructor.

Surfboard is included.

LOCATION: right behind the Duke Kahanamoku Statue 

Kahu Surf School is using online booking system  that allows potential students to self-book and pay through the website.

1HR Private surf lesson (1-on-1, 12 y.o.+)


1HR Semi-private surf lesson (2 people, 12 y.o.+)

$90 per person ($180 Value)

1HR Group surf lesson (3-4 people, 12 y.o.+)

$70 per person ($210-280 Value)

1HR Private Surf lesson (1-on-1 for 6-11 y.o.)


Waikiki 2HR Surf lesson prices

2HR Private surf lesson (1-on-1, 12 y.o.+)


2HR Semi-private surf lesson (2 people, 12 y.o.+)

$150 per person ($300 Value)

2HR Group surf lesson (3-4 people, 12 y.o.+)

$110 per person ($330-440 Value)

Waikiki  Surf Packages prices

Surf package – 3 1HR Private surf lesson (1-on-1, 12 y.o.+)


Surf package – 5 1HR Private surf lesson (1-on-1, 12 y.o.+)


Surf package – 10 1HR Private surf lesson (1-on-1, 12 y.o.+)


When you book a surf package you get a CODE via e-mail. Use the CODE when you book your private 1 HR lesson at any available time on FareHarbor.

Waikiki Video Surf Packages prices

Video package (a video (10-20sec), 2 photos, and other available content of my surfing lesson. I give my consent to Kahu Surf School to the use of them under any legal use)


Video package (raw footage)


Video package (a video (1-3 min), 5 photos, and other available content. Raw footage is available upon request).


waikiki surf lessons prices

How much are surf lessons in Hawaii?

The more people get involved in surfing, the more they are curious about Hawaii surf lesson prices. The most popular questions are about the cost of surfing lessons in Hawaii as well as for surf equipment, camps, and trips. As for anything the cost of surfing lessons in Hawaii depend on a brand and quality. Of course, to get something with a good brand written on it you will have to pay more. But a brand often means quality and we can’t deny it. The average Waikiki surf lesson price for 1 person on a 1HR group lesson is about $ 60-90 USD per person. One problem is that most of locals are good surfers but not of them are great instructors. Be careful with cheap Waikiki surf lessons.

Yeah, Hawaii surf lesson prices per One-on-one surf lessons are more expensive and start at $75 per 1HR one-on-one surf lesson up to $365 per 2HR one-on-one surf lesson.  But you get 5 times more attention anyways.

Kahu Surf School surf lesson prices

Kahu Surf School offers the best Waikiki 1 HR & 2 HR surf lesson prices for children and adults as well as surf package prices and video package prices. Your Waikiki surf lesson can be easily customized, booked, and paid online.

All our surf lessons include all equipment.  More than 30 years of experience as a surf instructor in Oahu. We are flexible. We keep our prices simple and competitive to offer you the best value for money. Group Discounts are available, just ask for details.

We don’t consider our surf lessons in Waikiki Beach to be cheap surf lessons, but we provide you a quality.  Surf lesson prices start at $70 for the 1HR Group surf lesson per person.

We offer GoPro videos &photos for 1 Hr & 2 HR  surf lessons to capture your experience riding waves. When you book a semi-private surf lesson or a group surf lesson and want to get a video about yourself, so add $50. Waikiki surf Videos & Photos of your lesson can be booked in addition to one of our Surf Lessons. Surf Memories Last Forever!

When you book surf package of 3, 5, or 10 private surf lessons in a row we use video analysis of the waves you caught for free, to assess what you could be doing to improve your surf technique.

Kids surf lesson tips

The one-on-one surf lesson is recommended for any kid under 12 y. o. This is not only for safety reasons but also because the 11 ft surfboards can be difficult for the little kids to handle. Also we recommend 1HR surf lessons (One-on-one surf lessons, semi-private surf lessons, Group surf lessons) for your kids. So your kids will learn to surf and have fun.

kahu surf school surfing lessons cost
waikiki surf lessons prices
Kahu Surf School cost of surfing lessons in hawaii