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The state of the surf conditions at Waikiki Beach is a popular topic among those interested in surfing lessons. As one of the most renowned and conveniently located surfing locations in Oahu, the beach's steady and easy waves are particularly well-suited for beginners. Waikiki's climate boasts a consistent supply of sunshine, with an average of 300 sunny days each year, but sporadic AM rain showers are not unheard of. The water is generally warm, ranging between 75°F (24°C) in December and 82°F (28°C) in August.

Our surf lessons are available every day, throughout the year, starting at 7:00 am and concluding at 6:00 pm.

In the event that the surf is not up to par on the day of your lesson, we rely on both weather charts and our expertise of the local surf conditions to determine the expected conditions. Should we determine that the surf is not adequate for a lesson of high quality, we will provide you with the option of receiving a refund or rescheduling for a more suitable date.


We meet our students at office - 2450 Prince Edward St, Honolulu, HI 96815. Arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before your lesson starts.

We provide surfing lessons in calmer waters situated just behind the Duke Kahanamoku Statue.


If you have never surfed before, don't worry! Our surf instructors cater to all skill levels, from beginners to those who have previous experience in the water.

When considering the appropriate age for a child to begin surfing, it is possible for them to start as young as 5 years old. However, it is generally recommended to begin around the age range of 7 to 9 years old.

For children under 12 years of age, it is highly advisable to opt for private surfing lessons with one-on-one instruction. Surfing can be particularly challenging for kids, and they require special attention during their lessons. Due to their age and physical ability, it may be difficult for them to paddle out within a short period of time, but a skilled surf instructor can help them catch the next wave. Furthermore, the water level for children should be kept shallower than what is suitable for adults.

Surfing knows no age bounds, as we welcome all ages to enroll in our courses. Throughout our history, we've successfully taught individuals of varying ages - from children to those above 60 years old. The waves will eagerly anticipate your arrival, regardless of your age.

Prior to participation, it is required that individuals possess the ability to swim a distance of 100 feet. Moreover, it is imperative that participants possess a sense of ease and confidence in the aquatic environment, as the nature of surfing entails navigating oceanic conditions and waves.

Before hitting the water, we'll start with land demonstrations to instruct you on the fundamentals of standing up, board handling, and ocean safety. Afterwards, we'll move to the water to put these skills into practice.

In a 2-hour surf lesson, aspiring surfers can anticipate catching as many as 20 waves, with the length of each ride ranging from 100 to 200 feet. This means that those who book the lesson should prepare to paddle out for a total of approximately 3000 feet.

While some individuals require a more thorough approach, others grasp concepts more effectively by observing the progress of others.

It is our policy not to mix individuals from different  parties, and we require a minimum of two and a maximum of four people per group.

To capture the surfing experience, we utilize a GoPro mounted on the surfboard. It is not permitted to bring your own GoPro and affix it to the board, as we cannot assume responsibility for any damage caused and would prefer you to fully enjoy the activity without distraction. For your convenience, we offer an variety of video packages suitable for both individuals and groups.

The surfing location where we conduct surfing lessons is relatively less crowded in the morning.

If you need more information, please contact our Customer Service team.

Our surf school is covered by public liability insurance from Inc. Should you require a copy of our certificate, please do not hesitate to inform us.


Payment for all surf lessons must be made in advance at the time of booking.

Our payment options include Stripe for processing credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay.

If a request for a refund is made 24 or more hours prior to the start of a Surf Lesson, or if the lesson is cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions, a full refund will be provided.

If you find yourself unable to attend your scheduled Surf Lesson, you may reschedule it free of charge provided that you notify us at least 12 hours prior to the start of your lesson.


Ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your surf lesson.

Feel free to store your personal items at our office.

Although it is necessary to apply sunscreen, it is advisable to avoid putting it around the eye area.

The second frequently asked question about surf lessons pertains to what to bring, which is simply the same items you would bring for a regular swim.

Restroom and shower facilities are available at the location where we conduct our surfing lessons.

In North America, wearing life jackets and PFDs is not mandatory when surfing. However, life jackets may impede the fluid movement of your hands, which are crucial for navigating through the waves. Therefore, if you possess strong swimming skills, relying on a life jacket might prove to be unfruitful.

Your surf lesson price includes a surfboard.

It is highly recommended to use a rashguard.

Surfboards are not available for rent at our establishment.

Wearing goggles shields the eyes from the potential harm of chemicals and saltwater.

If you swim in the ocean with contact lenses, you risk exposing your eyes to harmful bacteria that can cause eye infections and irritation. In some cases, this can even result in serious conditions such as corneal ulcers, which can lead to more severe vision problems if left untreated.

Tips are welcomed and greatly valued.

1HR & 2HR Private Surfing Lessons

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