Surfing birthday Party



Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate your birthday? Group surfing with friends in Waikiki Beach is one way to make the celebration more exciting, fun, and unique. Head to the beach and create great memories while learning to surf in Hawaii! Celebrate your birthday in Hawaiian style.
Surfing is synonymous with Waikiki. Duke Kahanamoku—original beachboy, Olympic gold-medal swimmer, and the father of modern-day surfing, who hailed from Waikiki—introduced the fluid sport to the world. The surf breaks that Duke made famous riding on heavy wooden boards are the same spots that surfers seek out today.
At Kahu Surf School you or your kids get a truly exhilarating birthday. You can share your Waikiki surf videos & photos with both friends and family! Whether you come in summer or winter, Waikiki has the potential to surf at any time during the year.

The reason is the slow and small breaking waves that are consistent all year long. The water average temperature in Hawaii is warm, ranging between 81°F (27.2°C) in September and 76°F (24.4°C) in March.

Surfing is one of the best activities in Hawaii. Have fun celebrating a birthday and catching your first green wave in Hawaii!

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