Perfect for couples or a group of two friends who want to take lessons together.

Surf lessons in Honolulu for 2 people (For 12 y.o. and older)

Semi-Private Surf Lessons in Honolulu are the perfect way to learn how to surf together. Create great memories surfing Waikiki beach. Surf Spots.

Are you taking your first try in riding? Semi-Private Surf Lessons in Honolulu are an excellent choice. The perfect groundswells and the weather will help you a lot in attempts to start surfing.

Trip to Oahu is a golden chance to ride beginner-friendly waves. Thanks to the unique conditions of this spot you’ll find a new joy in your life. Surf lessons in Honolulu are unforgettable surf adventure. It doesn’t matter if you are partners, lovers or just friends. We push each other to improve, to overcome our fears, limits, and we share after sessions our feelings and impressions.

Waikiki beach ride friendly waves, enjoy the communications and incredible nature around.

Great idea to celebrate an event

Surfing for two is a great idea to celebrate an event. This is the better version of regular surf lessons in Honolulu. We had already several romantic requests from our guests like wedding proposals or honeymoons. Let us help you to create that special moment or environment that you imagine. We know how peculiar that can be, so we will join our best efforts to match your expectations.

Why a lesson for two?

  • This is more memorable.
  • Strengthens the relationship.
  • It’s romantic.

Videos & photos of your surfing

Video Package can be booked to celebrating the event or to surf lessons in Honolulu. You can share your Waikiki surf videos & photos around the world and create unforgettable memories surfing together!

Make your perfect shots with Kahu Surf School.

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Learn to surf in Honolulu

Oahu is a beautiful place. If you’ve decided to learn to surf in Honolulu, you’ll love its views, perfect water, and its warm and cloud-free climate. When you hit the southern part of the island, you will find there several places to ride. One of them is Waikiki Beach (with a statue of the Duke Paoa Kahanamoku). The beach is famous for its small waves that crumble and break softly, and a sandy seabed which is safer. It may also surprise you that Hawaiian green sea turtles often appear in this place.

Learn to surf in Honolulu. Surfing on Waikiki has an ancient history. At the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, surfing was open to the world. Duke became an Olympic medalist eight times. He is also known for the longest ride in history (1.25 miles — a huge wave on Waikiki). Visit Waikiki Beach, where the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort rises over the land where the Duke was born.

Book your lesson in Honolulu and become part of the surfer community.

Why learn to surf in Honolulu?

  • The best environmental and natural conditions.
  • Traditions and surf psychology around you. It makes you learn faster.
  • Native surfers. Surrounding is a big part of your success.

Booking our lessons you choose the best conditions & place.

Learn to surf in Honolulu with Kahu Surf School.

Surfing Waikiki Beach. Surf spots.

Located on the south shore of the island, 2 miles long, Waikiki Beach is one of the longest places for riding. But there are seven more places for surfing on this cost. Surfing Waikiki beach — sometimes it can be difficult for beginners to choose the location. Don’t worry we’ll help you to choose the place to go, for an optimal surf experience. Our school is located in Queens.

Surf spots in Waikiki:

  1. Queens
  2. Walls
  3. Canoes
  4. Paradise
  5. Threes
  6. Betweens
  7. Kaisers
  8. Ala Moana Bowls

There are eight surf spots in total. So you will find a lot of places to learn how to surf for beginners and you can choose the best to train together. Queens has quite reliable conditions, because of the reef break and exposed water space. And it is perfect for two. Surfing Hawaii for beginners — this surf spot is good if you are just starting out.

When you ride a wave you don’t really feel like you’re exercising, although this is really good fitness. Surfing Waikiki beach — if you’ve been struggling to find a fun activity like this, you can perform in a couple with your partner then give riding a try.

Good surf spots — you’ll feel a surge of energy and happiness. For this reason surf lessons in Honolulu are ideal for twosome. It will allow you to get closer while offering you a lot of nice time together.

What a great feeling when you see the pride face of your loved one when you just took a good wave. You will remember surfing Waikiki Beach forever. Our Waikiki surf lesson prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Choose to surf Waikiki beaches as your first two-person practice.

surf together

Surf together

Traveling is good, but if you travel and surf with someone who you like, it’s perfect and unforgettable. So what makes the activity unusual?

Surf riding with somebody is a great antidote to the weakness and stress — forget about work, planning and daily routine. Surf together is very romantic thing as well. This is much nicer and sexier than just a movie or dinner. You’ll be engaged in a natural activity that will give you a surge of strength and adrenaline. Even if you get lazy, your partner won’t let you get bored and will pull you to get up off the bed.

What are the benefits, if you practice with your loved one?

If you surf together with your partner, it amplifies the romantic attraction. This sport gives good physical activity, which perfectly affects mental health. This also means that surf together will relieve your stress and difficulties in relationships. In moments like this, joint activity unites you and reminds you why you like each other and why you are friends. This makes your habit of feeling each other and recognizing the motives, desires of your partner.

If you see that your partner is tired, you can give him emotional support and good feedback. This will give strength and confidence to both of you. By practicing surf skills together you get closer, as well as become the best friends. You can make your own surfing party at any time as well as a surfing birthday party.

So surfing for two is:

  • Mental health.
  • Strong relationship.
  • Emotions and smiles.
  • Way to distress.
  • Opportunities to get closer.

Semi-private surf lessons with Kahu Surf School make your relationship stronger and more joyful.