If you want to get personalized attention, then this is a great choice for you.

Private surf lessons in Waikiki (For 8 y.o. and older)

One-on-One Private Surf lessons in Waikiki and Surf Packages are a great introduction to how to surf for beginners. Video analysis will improve your surfing technique.

Recently, due to the efficiency of the classes, those most students moved toward “one-on-one” lessons. Having a personal instructor allows a beginner to learn many times faster. So you’ll practice riding with the fundamentals and personal attention to make your surfing skills stronger.

Kahu Surf School offers several types of private surf lessons (one-on-one surf lessons) in Waikiki. Book any lessons: 1-hour, 2-hours as well as a 3, 5, or 10 lessons surf package.

When you book a surf package you get a CODE via e-mail. Use the CODE when you book your private 1 HR lesson at any available time on FareHarbor.

Above all you’ll ride up to 5-12 waves during a 1-hour surfing lesson and 12-20 during a 2-hours. You’ll learn the basics of riding & main practices. Our surf instructors make it as fun & easy as possible. Surf lessons can be easily customized, booked & paid online.

However, we recommend private surf lessons (one-on-one surf lessons) in Waikiki for any kid under 8 y. o. This is not only for safety reasons but also because the 11 feet surfboards can be difficult to handle for little kids. Let kids learn to surf, have fun and joy of surf adventure.

Our prices start at $110.

During the Waikiki private surf lessons (one-on-one surf lessons) you’ll learn:

  • To avoid unnecessary risks.
  • To stand up on the surfboard.
  • Arching back. An adequate posture will improve your abilities to paddle.
  • How to use a whole-body movement to turning a surfboard on a wave.

Surfing for beginners & important surfing technique

Good preparation is an important step towards success and enjoyment. Surfing requires certain physical abilities. It’s important to be strong, flexible & have excellent stamina. The fitter you are, the longer you will be able to surf. So the faster you paddle through the water the more times you will ride a wave.

How to surf for beginners?

Equipment knowledge

Understanding how to surf for beginners is knowledge of important things. We are starting with choosing a suitable surfboard. The main barrier for beginners is starting on an unsuitable board. We have many surfboards of any design category, volume, and dimensions. We’ll assist you to select a good board depending on intentions and individual characteristics as heaviness. So you will catch waves easily not struggling to paddle onto waves no matter how big or small it is.


If you are thinking about how to surf for beginners — don’t forget about safety? First, choose a beach with an appropriate wave height. Surfing Waikiki Beach is an areally safe choice. The wave breaks long and slow, losing its energy as it approaches the beach.

The second thing is identifying threats as a rip current. It can be very dangerous for beginners because you can be caught in a rip current. Our professional instructor Paolo will explain to you the rules to identify a rip & get out of it.

Paddling technique out -in

Paolo will also show how to be a good paddler. It’s significant because if you are able to paddle, then more times you can catch the waves and get the takeoff zone of each one. The proper position comes with an activation of the back and core muscles. Lessons will be held under strict supervision, with correcting mistakes & fast track your training progress.

Perform basic maneuvers

Most beginners believe that turning a surfboard only relies on an action of feet but the ability to turn your board relies on linking together of your upper and lower body. Each maneuver in surfing relies on the very same principles of directional change. With Paolo’s lessons, you’ll understand the main rule to perform a successful maneuver.

These basic things are an Introduction to surfing. Private Surf lessons in Waikiki give you a simple understanding of how to surf for beginners.

Surf packages & progressive surfing course

Students are differently developed both mentally & physically; they need a different approach when mastering new skills. That’s why we have created 3 surf package. It includes a 1-hour one-on-one lesson — three, five, and ten lessons depending on the package.

Moreover, the progressive surfing course and video support will help to learn and develop your skills in complete fun! Our surfboards are in excellent condition, all sizes. So, if you book a surf package or progressive surfing course, try as many of our suitable board shapes for a week as you like!

Therefore the progressive surfing course focuses on basic surfing technique, paddling, popping-up, wave riding & stand up, turning a board in the water, knowing of safety & ocean.

Above all after Private surf lessons in Waikiki, you’ll be ride break waves, feeling comfortable in the water and know the surfing etiquette. Our Waikiki surf lesson prices will pleasantly surprise you.

So get the thrill on small rolling waves. You’ll be losing balance, falling off, but that time when you get up will be a completely different experience. 95%+ Of Our Students Stand Up. Suitable for first-timers or those who tried just a few times and wish to pick the surfing technique from the beginning in order to progress quickly.

What you’ll learn:

  • Main things of catching waves in a safe secure environment
  • Identify the safe place to enter & the area to surfing
  • How to negotiate and deal with small waves
  • Apply surfing safety when selecting waves and understand surf hazards & currents
  • To select basic wave
  • How to mounting, positioning, catching and riding waves in prone & standing position
  • Surfing technique: efficient paddling, board control, standing up, balancing stance
  • Surf psychology, which is also important to know
  • How to fix your mistakes (with our Surf Video Analysis package)

If you’ve never surfed before, our progressive surfing course is good for gaining some essential knowledge and practice as well as for improving your mental health.

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Surf video analysis — develop your surf technique

Then you’re serious about improving your skills, video analysis is necessary. When you book a package, we use surf video analysis that is one of the most effective tools to help you progress your surfing technique & grow as a surfer.

So until you can’t see yourself on video, it’s impossible to really know what you look like, or even more important what you might be doing wrong.

We use Go-Pro.

Surfing footage is not shaky, we process in slow motion, so it’s easy to review the footage. Wanna try? So Start surfing with us and choose “Surf Video Analysis” — it’ll develop your skills many times faster. One-on-one surf lessons with Kahu Surfing School — take your surfing one-step ahead and you can share your Waikiki surf videos & photos around the world!

Feel free to contact us!

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