Waikiki Kid Surf Lessons

Every kid or teen should get involved in surfing. Even it's just for a few days.

Kids surf lessons in Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach Kids Surf lessons are the best activity in Hawaii for kids. Little kid surfing option. Reasons why kids learn to surf. Surf skills.



Every child or teen should get involved in surfing, even it’s just a few days — Kids Surf Lessons in Waikiki Beach it is all about fun, smiles, and sun. So while your kids learn to surf, they enjoy the ocean, gain confidence with it in a playful way and it helps to develop their mental health. Above all your kid can find camaraderie and make friends which last for life.

Don’t miss the best activities in Hawaii for your kids.

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Kahu Surf School Tandem surf lesson

7Choosing kid surf lessons

Learning to surf can do wonders to establish important skills in the sea which will hold them in good stead for years to come. First, you need to choose the appropriate method for your kid’s learning.

1 HR Surfing Lesson is highly recommended for kids.

One-on-one surf lessons

Nothing beats having your own private surf instructor. So we find that clients who choose private lessons tend to progress at a faster rate. We do the one-on-one private lesson for any kid under 12 years old. This is not only for safety reasons but also because the 11 feet surfboards can be difficult to handle for little kids.

Lesson prices start at $130.

Tandem surf lesson

A Tandem surfing lesson is a great way to get involved your little kid (4-8 yo) in surfing. Get your kids on the front for some tandem surfing lesson. Two people on one board, with the surf instructor controlling the board and picking the waves! So teaching kids how to surf is one of the most rewarding things you can do. When your little kid surfing, the smile on their face as they ride their very first wave is almost as good as riding a wave yourself.

Lesson prices start at $130

Group Surf Lessons

Kids surf classes in Waikiki operate on a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 children (for children aged 12-16 years old) to ensure quality.

So requirements for your child to join a group lesson:

  • 12 years or older
  • able to swim 100 meter
  • be able to handle an 11 feet surfboard

Otherwise, a one-on-one private lesson is recommended.

Surf Package (3, 5, or 10 Lessons)

These lessons are of great value and make surfing a regular activity in your child’s life.

3 LESSONS: will teach your child to not only stand, but handle themselves in the waves and have a basic knowledge of the ocean.

5 LESSONS: will get your child standing in the surf, but also catching waves by themselves, with the confidence they will require continuing on for years to come.

10 LESSONS:  your child will improve surf turns, so very important for safe surfing.

Our Waikiki surf lesson prices, it will pleasantly surprise you.

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Why do kids learn to surf

If you force kids to surf, they’re going to have a bad experience, and that’s the worst thing that can happen. So, let them become comfortable with the whole environment before they catch their first wave. Then they will recognize it as something that’s fun. Our vision is to create experiences that will enhance kids’ appreciation for an active and healthy lifestyle. Therefore in our lessons, we achieve this in a playful way.

Let your kids learn to surf and have fun with Kahu Surf School.

 What do the lessons give?

Surfing is tiring and exerts lots of energy! Moreover, this can be great for a child who has a boundless supply of energy, and we find that excitable children become focused and engaged when learning to surf.

  • It’s a great way to balance energy and give children focus
  • Students are usually calm and relaxed after spending an hour in the sea
  • Kids lessons build a foundation of fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination which can easily translate into other disciplines and positively affect in life
  • It helps them to develop skills such as perseverance, dedication and determination payoff
  • They understand how to negotiate breaking waves and avoid potential dangers
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Basic surf skills

During the lesson, we focus on important surf skills. Above all we cover the basics from warm-up to paddling, catching waves, and standing while on the surfboard.

Use surf etiquette, safety measures how to:

  • Fall down from the board safely,
  • Escape waves you don’t want or cannot catch,
  • Go in the water and go out of the water safely,

Handling board how to:

  • Turn forehand and backhand,
  • Paddle through waves,
  • Stand up using the easiest technique and faster,
  • Get longer rides,

Taking a good position on how to:

  • Put your body while paddling and how to paddle efficiently,
  • Position yourself in the waves so you can catch the waves,
  • Stand while riding the waves.

Read surf conditions:

Wave theory is an important part of lessons, it helps significantly improve surf skills.

  • We teach kids how waves are formed,
  • Different types of waves and winds they will encounter while they are on the beach
  • Identify rips and sweeps,
  • Stay safe in the water.

Read & identify good waves to catch:

  • Recognizing safe areas is also a very important surf skill.

Thus, due to this approach, your kids will learn main surf skills to understand how to play with the power of the wave, instead of fight against it.

KAHU SURF SCHOOL — enjoy the best activities in Hawaii, we are dedicated to making your little kid surfing experience one of the memory for a lifetime!

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The best activities in Hawaii

The best activities in Hawaii are all about fun, smiles, and sun. While surfing in Waikiki, kids can meet a Hawaiian green sea turtle, which gives them joy and emotions. So your happy, healthy confident children will thank you!

Our class is having a lot of acceptance and very good results:

  • The children learn in a relaxed environment
  • Surf instructors will give your child constant attention
  • Our program focuses on surfing, play, and fun
  • Families can surf together and cheer each other on
  • Safety is our number one for your children — kids can learn the basics in a safe environment tailored to suit them.

Being part of something and learning a beloved skill alongside one another can fast turn peers into friends, and that goes for the parents too! With Kahu Surf School your kid will enjoy small consistent waves in Hawaiian warm water. So catch the perfect wave or surf a break all alone, it’s pure magic — your kid will enjoy the weather and the perfect small waves.

Enjoy the best activities in Hawaii for your kid by learning with Kahu Surf School.

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Little kid surfing

We pay special attention to practicing safe habits and the ability to feel the ocean.

Group lessons are a great lead to surfing, where your child will surf together and learn about safety which is priceless knowledge that they will have for the rest of their lives. Also, a child under 12 may do a group lesson if a parent is able to assist with carrying the board and safety at all times.

Waikiki surf videos & photos 

Video Package can be booked to your Kids lessons. So you can share your videos & photos around the world and create unforgettable memories! Filming Kids Surf Lessons — your kids will memorize the thrill of their first standing up and riding wave forever. Watch and share the little kid surfing video on our web-site and surfing blog.

Please keep in mind that younger children need some extra help in the water while the instructor is assisting other participants, so we encourage parents to come into the water to assist your kids to learn to surf. We will even provide a wet suit or rash shirt for parents who assist.