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How to surf for beginners

Getting Started to learn how to surf for beginners. Main skills to start surfing. 3, 5, or 10 Surf Lesson Packages with free video analysis. Planning Hawaii surf vacation.

  • Standing up and feeling comfortable. More than 95% of our students stand up on a surfboard in their first lesson.
  • Balancing after you standing up. Keeping your weight centered is the main necessary skill to perform any maneuvers on a surfboard. Trying different size boards.
  • Walking on a surfboard and taking turns. There are many different maneuvres, but sometimes it takes many years of practice to master them.
  • Reading waves and anticipating how they will break (basic knowledge to understand an ocean environment and surf conditions).
  • Surf ethic (how to act around and respect other surfers)

If you’ve never surfed before, our surf lesson packages are good for gaining some essential surfing knowledge and practice as well as for improving your mental health. Then add some to your to-do list when planning your vacation to Hawaii.

Surf Lesson packages 

Students require a different approach when mastering new skills. That’s why we have created three surf lesson packages:

  • 3 surf lessons
  • 5 surf lessons
  • 10 surf lessons

Our Surf Packages are the perfect option for you to start your surfing journey and enrich your Hawaii surf vacation. Moreover, all Surf Packages include a free unedited video with all waves you ride. Surf instructors will put a GoPro camera on your surfboard, and after each lesson, you will receive the instructional footage. Check the example above.

When you book a surf lesson package, you get a CODE via e-mail. Use the CODE when you book your private 1 HR lesson at any available time on our FareHarbor calendar.

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    surf vacation for beginners

    This is a question that many people ask while planning their vacation to Hawaii. For beginners, Waikiki Beach is the perfect place to learn how to surf all year round. On this side of the island, it is almost always sunny. Gentle and consistent waves and warm water will make your experience unforgettable.  Furthermore, we try to do our best to teach you the important skills to start surfing.

    So you can include the surf lesson package while planning your vacation to Hawaii.