Spend a day with your family or friends. Learn how to surf together & get great memories!

Group surf lessons in Oahu (For 12 y.o. and older)

Kahu Surf School offers group surf lessons which are a great introduction to surfing as well as to progress your skills. Enjoy a surfing party. Learn to surf in Oahu. Basic Surf Ethics. Try on of the best activiries in Oahu.

You bring your own group to book any Private group surfing lesson. We do only Private one-on-one and Private Group Surfing Lessons . We don't mix students up.

Private group surfing lesson is designed for 12 y.o. and older, up to 4 students for one surf instructor.

Surfboard is included.

LOCATION: right behind the Duke Kahanamoku Statue 

Kahu Surf School is using online booking system  that allows potential students to self-book and pay through the website.

Introduction to surfing. Best things to do in Oahu.

Taking group surf lessons with Kahu Surf School you will have the pleasure of socializing and enjoying nature and waves. Also, it is a good way to distress and improve your mental health. So you’ll have a wonderful time, by learning to surf as a team. This can bring you even closer to your relatives. The lessons are focused on surf skills, how to handle yourself, and your surfboard in the ocean. Moreover, we offer 1-hour as well as 2-hours surf lessons for groups of 3 or 4 people available all year round. in addition, safety is our primary concern, that’s why we have of 1:(3-4) instructor/student ratio for a group of participants.

Waikiki Group lessons — enhance your surfing skills. It is a great condition for your friends or relatives to relax, focus on learning, and have fun. A safe beach with a beginner-friendly wave. Our professional instructors are there to help you learn and provide advice on all questions related. So doing so will eliminate many risk factors. Moreover, learning in groups is a perfect introduction to surfing. It is a way to enhance your skills and have a pleasant time riding together. So lessons in Kahu Surf School are the best surf conditions for beginners. Our lessons give you important knowledge and abilities.

Introduction to surfing is all about practice and knowledge. The practice is very helpful for beginners, who don’t have good control of surfboard. You might not know how to keep your board with you when a wave breaks in front of you. 

So, during the lessons you will learn and practice how to:

  • Position your body while paddling and paddle efficiently.
  • Get into a basic wave and ride the wave.
  • Safety measures and etiquette.
  • Stand up and ride.

Surfing can be one of the most enjoyable experiences. Just choose a proper spot and a skilled instructor. Moreover, our group surf lessons are our most popular lessons. It is great value, heaps of fun, and no previous experience is necessary. Our Waikiki surf lesson prices are for you.

A quick introduction to surfing will make your lesson unforgettable.

Surfing party

Riding your first wave in front of your loved ones will give you great emotions and will be remembered for a very long time! Also, group lesson is popular for special occasions, surfing birthday parties and team building as well. So we customize the lesson to your group, also the surf lesson is suited to the ability and energy levels! The emphasis is on having the maximum amount of fun. While enjoying and riding, your group will learn some surf safety knowledge, get into the basics of reading the ocean, and understanding rips as well.

Surfing party with Kahu Surf School— It’s fun and develops your surfing.

The surfing party is a great idea for a birthday

What’s could be more enjoyable than riding waves as a team on a birthday. A surfing birthday party is great for kids of any level. It is a fun, active, memorable way for kids to spend time together while celebrating that special birthday! Learning in small groups of a maximum of 4 kids per instructor means someone is always close to help out with a push onto a wave. Or guide someone with less confidence. In Hawaii, you can sometimes see the Hawaiian green sea turtle and these are great emotions.

Filming surfing party — capture your rides on video

 We filming every wave you ride in front of the Go-Pro camera. We’ll process all the videos. And then we make videos trying to capture all finest moments.

So Waikiki surfing party videos will make your day unforgettable. Our lesson prices start at $70  per person.

Waikiki surf videos and photos, feel free to contact us for questions or comments.

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surfing party
introduction to surfing

Surf ethics for beginners

This kind of sport is getting popular. So, everyone who learns to surf in Oahu needs to know the surf ethics, rules and avoid dangerous situations in the ocean. There are rules of which some are unwritten. Such a simple thing as trying to keep things safe and have respect for each other will help a lot. But there are also important practical things to learn.

So here are some important rules:

  • Choose a less crowded place where you can practice.
  • Observe the situation and choose the spot for your level.
  • Paddle wide through the channel where the waves don’t break. This is an example of good surf ethics — you care about yourself and the others.
  • Don’t ditch your surfboard — it can hurt someone nearby.
  • Hold onto your surfboard will only help you pass the break easier and quicker, making you a good surfer. Try to master the ‘Turtle roll’ or ‘Eskimo roll’.
  • “If in doubt, don’t paddle out” — you need to stay honest with yourself and your ability.

What about surf ethics when you paddle out to peak in the line-up

Once you get more confident and feel control over your board you can paddle out to peak in the line-up.

  • A surfer riding a wave always has priority. Do your best to not get in other surfers way as they are riding waves.
  • Avoid dropping in, you should understand who has priority. The one that is closest to the peak has the priority.
  • Say Sorry If You Mess Up or drop in on somebody. This one is not usually included in surf ethics, but it’s a good one to know. This is the surf psychology!

So knowing and understanding these rules is also an introduction to surfing and it will help you to understand how to progress. Also, how to improve surfing?

Beautiful Waikiki — practice your surf skills in the best spot.

surf ethics

Reasons to learn to surf in Oahu

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what happened at the office. Our group surfing lessons in beautiful Waikiki is an excellent opportunity to forsake your baggage onshore, and involve yourself in a holistic release. See how you feel after a little wave therapy. So learn to surf in Oahu is a great cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins brewing after a good ride. Also, it’s all about enjoying nature. Great waves, beautiful views and it is a good way to distress.

  • Taking new challenges and learning group surfing skills in Beautiful Waikiki will only have a helpful effect on your life.
  • During the practice you can surf together, stare at the horizons, enjoy views of the island and the ocean.
  • It’s one of those activities that doesn’t really feel like exercise. Only afterward do you realize it was a workout!
  • Along with physical fitness comes confidence.
  • Each wave provides you a fresh opportunity to forget about problems in your life.
  • Most of all, you will be reminded that proper teamwork, perseverance, and determination do pay off!
  • This is a way of physically, mentally, and dare-i-say spiritually connecting with the natural world as well.
  • This allows one to experience a new perspective on nature.

Also, when you learn to surf in Oahu you enjoy warm water & stunning views — this is a great surf adventure.

Surfing in such a beautiful place is always emotions, vivid impressions, and relaxation. All this perfectly affects your socializing and relationships with other people.

So our group surf lessons are very popular because they give you good opportunities to master important core skills, communicating with others, and practicing. And this is the answer to the question, How to surf for beginners?