Welcome to surf lessons in beautiful Waikiki Beach

Surf lessons in Waikiki Beach are the best surf conditions for beginners! Start surfing in Hawaii. Learn to surf in beautiful Waikiki Beach. Picture your surfing. Also, you can celebrate an event, for example – a surfing birthday party.

Oahu – the birthplace of surfing & one of the beautiful places for riding waves. Thus, surfing here is an ancient tradition & lifestyle.

  • You have a lot of attempts here. If you are surfing whitewater you can ride on any swell over 1,64 feet (0,5 meters).
  • The waves here are perfect: clean and well-groomed.
  • It is windy and sunny (mostly clear year-round). Let’s face it, riding is much better in a warm climate.
  • If you ever get a dreamy day like this, you’ve totally scored! It is magical days, that make surfing hours and hours of ‘slop’ pleasing.

Kahu Surf School — Improve your skills in breaking waves. Moreover, have the perfect surf experience in Hawaiian warm water.

best surf conditions for beginners
surf lessons waikiki beach
surf lessons waikiki beach

Waikiki Beach offers the best surf conditions for beginners all year round

Waikiki Beach, South Shore of Oahu is home to truly friendly waves and the best spot for beginners.

First, long peeling waves are perfect for first-timers (the size of about 1 meter). Offshore wind makes the waves less bumpy. So the chances of enjoying a glassy, perfect-peeling wave experience significantly increase. Deep groundswell. Wind creates small waves on the surface of the ocean, and over time these waves merge together and become well-groomed.

Second, the water average temperature is warm, ranging between 76°F (24,4°C) in March and 81°F (27,2°C) in September. So no needs to wear a wetsuit.

Third, the windier time lasts from May to September (average speeds is 14,4 mph), the calmer part from September to May (more than 12,3 mph). So, you can enjoy the perfect waves all year around. Offshore wind not too strong, which makes it much easier to surf. It also helps the waves break more predictably, making them easier to read.

Forth, perfect seafloor, which is also important for safe surfing.

briefly, the best surfing conditions for beginners are here. Surfing in these conditions is comfortable, fun, and more importantly, it’s good for mental health.

In fact, Kahu Surf School in Waikiki is a great idea to start surfing. Picture your surfing to remember forever the thrill of your first surf experience.

What are the options to start surfing?

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced one the most important thing is to learn how to ride breaking waves in the right way. So choose from a variety of our 1-hour or 2-hours surf lessons Waikiki beach to suit your needs.

One on one Surf Lessons are suited for your abilities and individual needs.

Semi-Private Surf Lessons for two people who want to surf together.

Group Surf Lessons for those who find it easier and more fun to learn as a team (3-4 participants).

One on one Surf Lesson Packages (3, 5, or 10 lessons) will really help you to start surfing.

In addition, a video package option that includes your Waikiki surf videos & photos that were created especially for you. So, share your experience with others. Surf video analysis is free for the options.

Moreover, our Waikiki surf lesson prices will pleasantly surprise you!

Kids surf lessons with Kahu Surf  School

Waikiki Beach is a good spot for children to surf. The water is warm and not so deep, the waves are slow & calm. Kids are fast learners. So if you provide your children with good conditions, they’ll be able to learn a variety of things easily and quickly.

Also, we highly recommend the one-on-one private surf lesson for any kids under 8 y. o. This is not only for safety reasons but because the 8-10 feet surfboards are difficult to move for children. Thus, our surf instructors understand well how to teach children & make them fun.

One-on-one private surf lesson for kids

  • Personalized attention. They can collaborate more with an instructor and become more self-directed.
  • Сustomized technique. They’ll receive lessons that are suited to individual abilities.
  • Ability to learn at their own pace. The informality of private lessons is an advantage as it can be less stressful and less time-consuming.

Group surf lessons for kids

Surf together. Whether you choose private or group lessons, it’s very important that you will ride with someone who also enjoys the lesson.

So Let your kids learn to surf in Waikiki and have fun.

 Learn to surf in Waikiki. What’s included

First meeting and involving the surfing theoretics. We’ll tell you about the basics before paddling out into the waves.

Practice on land — we start every lesson with a quick introductory and demonstration. You will learn how to stand up, get a good position on the board & feel confident on the board.

Then we hit Waikiki Beach for lessons. Instructors will teach you on will how to feel comfortable on the water and on the board.

So we guarantee you to stand up and catching your first green wave in your first lesson.

What about equipment?

High-quality surfboards for quick learning. Don’t have a board? Don’t worry about it, we have everything you need for your surfing lesson! A surfboard is included in your surf lesson in Waikiki. Foam surfboards will help beginner surfers stand up quickly and easily. Thus, beginners will paddle and stand up faster on these stable boards, despite being bigger and heavier than traditional shortboards.

Professional action cameras. When you book 2 or more surf lessons at Waikiki Beach we’ll use surf video analysis of your surfing to improve your skills. Surf video analysis is the core training tool to help you to start surfing faster. So we are passionate about helping surfers become better on a daily basis.

Indeed, Kahu Surf School is here to give everything you need to learn to surf in Waikiki beach.


Picture your surfing with Kahu Surf School

Most photographers get up early to take the best shot. The three most important things to picture surfing: good light, good surfers, and waves. So there are typically three ways to picture surfing :

  • Try to shoot from the beach or a nearby pier.
  • Shoot from a boat & a jet ski.
  • Get in the water and try from the water or under it.

So, unless you have waterproof housing, the ocean is usually a no-go area for cameras.

Why we use a GoPro to film Surfing?  What are the advantages?

  • The Latest versions are all waterproof without housing.
  • The GoPro Surfboard mount is reliable and safe. Even if the mount comes off, the tether should save the camera and recordings.
  • A small, light camera sticks perfectly onto the deck of any surfboards.
  • Do not be weighed down by a heavy camera when you’re trying to catch a wave.
  • 4K resolution — the best quality, for maximum detail.

Waikiki surf videos and photo from your lessons

Ongoing video recording during our lessons is a great thing to analyze your technique and share moments with the world.

When you book a surf package (3,5, or 10 lessons) we use surf video analysis to improve your technique.

Share your experience, videos, and photos on the web, read our surfing blog, and subscribe to our newsletter for new inspiration. Oahu offers the best surf conditions for beginners. The good thing to study something fast is to learn from a successful person. Our instructors are professional surfers. They are here to give you tips and help you to build up your surf skills by practicing.

Consider Surf Lessons in Waikiki Beach to be your first surfing experience, and have fun.

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